Algebra, Geometry and Computation at CWI


Supported by a Veni grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

On Thursday March 9, 2023, we held a seminar day on Algebra, Geometry and Computation at CWI, Amsterdam, Room L016. It featured a series of talks with title 'What is ...?', where the dots are filled in according to each of the speakers' expertise. Thanks to all nine speakers for the great talks!

Left to right: me, Sophie Klumper, Kemal Rose, Luis Vargas, Raffaella Mulas, Harold Nieuwboer, Barbara Betti, Dmitrii Pavlov, Krystal Guo, Leonie Kayser. Links to everyone's website are included below. Picture by Minnie Middelberg.


  • 9h30 - 10h15: Krystal Guo (UVA), What is algebraic graph theory?
  • 10h15 - 10h45: Kemal Rose (MPI MiS), What is a tropical discriminant?

10h45 - 11h00: Coffee break

  • 11h00 - 11h30: Sophie Klumper (CWI), What is mechanism design?
  • 11h30 - 12h00: Dmitrii Pavlov (MPI MiS), What is a Gibbs manifold?

12h00 - 13h30: Lunch break

  • 13h30 - 14h15: Raffaella Mulas (VU Amsterdam and MPI MiS), What is a hypergraph?
  • 14h15 - 14h45Leonie Kayser (MPI MiS), What is a Hilbert function?

14h45-15h15: Coffee break

  • 15h15 - 15h45: Luis Vargas (CWI), What is polynomial optimization?
  • 15h45 - 16h15Barbara Betti (MPI MiS), What is a Khovanskii basis?
  • 16h15 - 16h45Harold Nieuwboer (UVA and RU Bochum), What is a scaling problem?

Here is the list of speakers (in alphabetic order) with links to their websites: 

One of the topics will be 'Gibbs manifolds'. These sit inside the cone of positive semidefinite matrices, like the blue curve in the elliptope shown above.